01 January 2009

Wiping the slate clean

So 2008's harvest is now removed from the sidebar, and I've posted it here for posterity. May the new growing season be more bountiful than the last.

Vegetables Harvested 2008
Beets 36.5 lb
Broad Beans 6.5 lb
Broccoli heads 1.5lb
Brussels Sprouts 2.5 lb
Cabbage 9 lb
Carrots 400 lb
Cauliflower 5 lb
Cucumber (slicing) 42 lb
Cucumber (pickling) 70.25 lb
Fennel bulbs 3 lb
Fresh Greens: unlimited (mesculun salad, spinach, chard, kale, fresh herbs). Roughly 4 lbs/ wk for 4 months
Green Beans 103.75 lb
Leek 3 lb
Onion 133.5 lb
Peas (shelled) 34 lb
Potatoes 661 lb
Pumpkin 154 lb
Squash 193 lb
Sweet Potato 52.5 lb
Tomatoes 183.5 lb
Turnip 43.5 lb
Watermelon just one 3 lb
Zucchini 35 lb

Staples 2008
Eggs 12 a day average
Butter 2 lb a week average
Whole milk 2 liters a day
Fresh cheese 3 lb a week average (plus whey for chickens)
Beef 100 lb
Chicken 44 lb
Bread wheat 300 lb
Rye for kitchen 30 lb
Split Peas 6 lb
Baking Beans 6.5 lb
Popcorn 3.75 lb
Pumpkin Seed 2 lb
Poppy Seed .5 lb
Rye 450 lb for feed
Oats 2000 lb for feed
Wheat 1000 lb for feed
Hay 250 bales clover and timothy
Mangles 200 lb
6 Cords Firewood

Wild Fruit 2008
Apples 650 lb
Blueberries 22 lb
Chokecherries 8 lb
Pin Cherries 6 lb

Herbs and Teas 2008
Alfalfa 200 g dried
Catnip 130 g dried
Comfrey 32 g dried
Mint 45 g dried
Mullein 20 g dried
Oregano 125 g dried
Red Clover 160 g dried
Sage 40 g dried
Scullcap 85 g dried
Thyme 40 g dried

Saved Seed 2008
Andover Parsnip: 55g
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry: packet
Batchelor's Buttons: packet
Bloomsdale Spinach: 10g
Calendula: 20g
Carmen Sweet Pepper: packet
Cherry Fox Tomato: packet
Corriander: 20g
Dill: packet
Garden Sweet Cucumber: 10g
Giant Russian Sunflower: 60g
Green Windsor Broad Bean: 70g
Hulless Oats: 175g
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper: packet
Jacob's Cattle Baking Bean: 600g
Latah Tomato: packet
Mauve Flowering Poppy Seed: 20g
Mesculun Lettuce Mix: packet
Naked Seeded Pumpkin: 90g
Pickles Cucumber: 10g
Popcorn: 275g
Potatoes (5 varities): 100 lbs
Proso Millet: 130g
Provider Green Bean: 500g
Roma Tomato: packet
Sage: packet of tiny seeds
Scarlet Nantes Carrot: 20g
St. Hubert Dry Peas: 150g
Sugar Baby Watermelon: 5g
Thompson Shelling Peas: 540g
Thyme: packet of tiny seeds
Toma Verde Tomatillo: packet
Wild Carraway: 10g
Yellow Plumb Tomato: packet

In the Pantry 2008
Applesauce 32 Quarts
Garden Tomato Sauce 12 Pints
Spicy Tomato Sauce 3 Quarts, 14 Half pints
Garlic and Pepper Tomato Sauce 15 Pints
Just Tomato Sauce 10 Half Pints
Tomato Apple Chutney 14 Pints
Apple Mint Butter 9 Pints
Beef Stock 15 Quarts
Beef 31 Quarts, 30 Pints
Chicken Stock 22 Quarts
Chicken 28 Pints, 5 Half pints
Bread and Butter Pickles 8 Quarts
Shelled Peas 3 Quarts, 25 Pints
Green Beans 41 Quarts, 10 Pints
Dried Apple Rings 2.5 lb
Dried Fruit Leather 3.75 lb
Dried Blueberries 2.5 lb
Dried Tomatoes .5 lb

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