21 January 2009

A new dawn of hope

We woke up to a gorgeous morning. Perfect snowflakes fell gently all night and dusted everything with a delicate blanket of ice crystals. We ourselves, awoke with a bright feeling of hope, after hearing Obama's inaugural speech. It is a new feeling for me to hear my president speak, with eloquence and complexity, about issues that deeply concern me. Obama, and the movement that his candidacy has inspired, has awoken in me the first genuine feelings of pride in America, and in being an American. And especially, hope in the realization of the truly revolutionary ideals of the Constitution.

Penelope has started showing signs of kidding soon. Her udder has bagged up a bit, she is producing milk, but it is not firm, as udders usually get when birthing is imminent. Also, the muscles of her pelvis have opened up a bit. You can see where I feel her spine, just behind her hip bones. When she is in early labor, the muscles here will dish out noticeably.

Late night check. The girls are quietly chewing their cud.


angela said...

Baby goats are sooo cute. Hope all goes well.
Love the snow pictures, in Australia its very hot right now.
I dont like the heat so I am really looking forward to winter here.
But unfortunately we dont get snow

Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

angela, still waiting for the does to pick their day. All summer long we dream about the cool and quiet of winter, and then about February we can't wait for the warmth, the green, and the activity of summer!