04 May 2009


Keeping an eye on the minute things. Like the first flower blossom of the season. Violets gone wild in the garden. And the daily emergence of all manner of insects in the soil and in the air.

This is a ground beetle, pretty fascinating creatures, without the ability to fly, they "bomb" their potential predators with a noxious gas. They are also carnivorous predators, and will eat up all manner of pests in larval stages.

Like this grub. I haven't positively identified it, but I suspect that it is the caterpillar stage of the pea moth.
This smallest of bees is now out with the wild honey bees.

Keep your eye on the little things that inhabit your garden. You will often find more allies than foes.


Paula said...

I love the tiny things in the garden. I find myself unable to see the big picture for looking down at the microscopic...so so interesting!

Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Paula, me too. I've really taken to finding out what kinds of insects inhabit my garden, and have begun to carry my camera around with me while I plant and weed! LOL