04 September 2008

The Hunger Project

We have recently been reading about the work The Hunger Project does around the world. They provide a sustainable framework that does so much more than fight poverty. Simply fighting poverty with aid leads to a continual struggle, and invites corruption, inefficiency and creates an industry around Poverty. The Hunger Project seeks to place a foundation upon which families and communities can feed and sustain themselves. We in the West need to give more than aid, we need to restructure our values. Please read their vision...

Our Vision

The vision of a world free from hunger does not look like our present reality minus the problem of hunger.

Our vision of the future is not based on everyone achieving a Western-style, high-consumption lifestyle, which is environmentally unsustainable even for the one billion people who now live it. Nor does it permit one-sixth of the human family to continue to live in abject poverty.
The Hunger Project is committed to transcending this polarity — to creating a future that rejects the inevitability of hunger and recognizes the limitations of a consumerist society.

Achieving the sustainable end of hunger means nothing less than creating a new future for all humanity, a future where

  • every day, every person has enough of the right food to be healthy and productive;
  • babies are born healthy and strong, and girl babies are prized as much as boy babies;
  • children stay alive, so parents can have smaller families;
  • women and girls are full partners in society;
  • people have control over their own lives and destinies, and all individuals have a chance to contribute;
  • the values of honoring human beings and nature flourish.

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